Suicidal thoughts may come along with clinical depression, but what if there was something we could consider a lifeline for those people struggling with their will to live? Ketamine is what one patient, Alan Ferguson, considers to be a medical marvel. Although he does not like the word miracle, ketamine infusions are the first significant advance we have seen for the treatment of depression in over 50 years, and they were nothing short of a life saver for Ferguson. Now 54 years old, Ferguson was diagnosed with depression at the young age of 18; he could no longer remember what it was like to live life without his old friend, a suicidal subconscious. Medication after medication seemed to provide little to no relief, and Alan was about to give up…until his doctor recommended ketamine infusions, a proven treatment that can rapidly alleviate the symptoms of even the most stubborn cases of depression. With ketamine, Ferguson’s symptoms were relieved in a matter of days—and, he says, ketamine saved his life.

Ferguson’s story is one of many ketamine success stories with miraculous results. In a recent Vox article, Alice Levitt writes about her own story of recovery from depression via the use of ketamine infusions. Levitt had been daydreaming vividly about how to kill herself more and more frequently. For more than 30 years this woman was on and off medication, as well as in and out of therapy to treat her debilitating sadness. However, nothing seemed to do the trick, so she told her doctor, after doing her own research, that she wanted to give ketamine a try. Her results, like Ferguson’s, were quite unbelievable.

Regardless of rapidly growing mounds of evidence—both scientific and of personal account—in favor of ketamine for depression, there is still a lot of misunderstanding around the drug. The drug may be abused recreationally in the form of “Special K,” but unlike many opiates & barbiturates, it is not physically addictive. In addition, it is generally administered in clinics under medical supervision; take-home prescriptions are very rarely permitted. Ketamine clinics—at least credible ketamine clinics—are very mindful about employing practices that limit the potential for abuse.

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